This Thanksgiving, really give thanks to those who are securing water rights. The water protectors at Standing Rock need everyone’s help. Now, not everyone can pick up and move to the camps at Standing Rock to protest, but most people can do something to help their cause, which really should be everyone’s cause. If you’re feeling particularly shit about so-called Thanksgiving this year, check out this comprehensive list on how to contribute to the struggle for water rights at Standing Rock.

  1. Sign the Petition
    Signing the petition to stop the pipeline is something anyone with an internet connection can do, and it takes only just a few minutes.
  2. Call the President
    President Obama doesn’t have long to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline, so let’s urge him with an endless stream of calls.
  3. Donate to the Standing Rock Sioux
    Even if your contribution is small, a little goes a long way if everyone participates.
  4. Donate to the Sacred Stone Legal Defense Fund
    Water protectors are working to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline with a legal action. This fund helps with that aspect of the fight.
  5. Donate to the Sacred Stone Camp
    The camp where the water protectors sleep needs funds for basic necessities. Your donation will go toward these needs.
  6. Donate to the Medic & Healer Council
    The carnage at Standing Rock has made it necessary for the Medic & Healer Council at Standing Rock to take donations to care for the injured and sick. This donation is one of the most important you can make.
  7. Donate to the Mni Wiconi Health Clinic
    UC San Fransisco’s Mni Wiconi Health Clinic has set up free clinic to help treat the sick and injured. Your contribution will aide medical professional provide adequate care.
  8. Volunteer with the Medic & Healer Council
    Medical professionals interested in volunteering at Standing Rock can apply here.
  9. Send Standing Rock Camp Supplies
    If you’re interested in sending a care package with necessities to the camp, check out the long list of supplies you can purchase and mail.
  10. Lobby the Army Corps of Engineers
    You can call them and tag them on social media to tell them just what you think of that damned pipeline.
  11. Participate in NoDAPL Campaigns
    You can follow and participate in global solidarity campaigns by visiting the Standing Rock website or social media profiles.
  12. Tell Banks to Divest from DAPL
    In the event that banks are run by actual humans, you can tell the lenders to pull their funding. It seems small, but not if a company’s tags are plagued with criticism and dissent.

This list might not seem like much, but if you participate in one or more of these actions each week, you’ll be helping water protectors fight. Instead of feeling like there’s nothing you can do, click on these links and take action. This Thanksgiving, you can help with more than just the cranberry sauce at dinner. Let’s really give thanks to those who are fighting for the right to clean water.