From Beyonce to President Obama, feminism is all over the media these days. But does that mean we’re in a fourth wave of feminism? And what are these waves anyway? In the inaugural episode of LYR’s Round Table Rebellion, the podcast panel discusses these very questions. LYR founder and host Angela Page invites LYR members Neece McCoy, Joi Dupler, and Kalev Quinn to discuss what it means to be an intersectional feminist in 2016.

Round Table Rebellion episode one begins with a brief history of the feminist waves, 1st – 3rd. Then, the intersectional panel discusses what feminism has come to mean in pop culture, and where the fourth wave began and is headed. Each panel member gave poignant opinions about current themes and experiences in fourth wave feminist circles, and together the panel assesses how big of a role internet activism has played in fourth wave feminism.

Each month, LYR’s Round Table Rebellion will feature host and LYR founder Angela Page discussing topical issues in fourth wave feminist communities with a different panel of guests. Tune in next month for another thought provoking episode of RTR, featuring a unique panel of guests.

Next month, in episode 2, Angela and the RTR panel will be discussing what it’s like to be a Southern Feminist. Panelists Neece McCoy and Joi Dupler return to RTR, and special guest Shelby Elmore from the SPEW podcast joins in the conversation. Each guest presents a varied perspective on what it’s like to practice feminism in the south. The panel tackles some tough questions about being a southern feminist, so you’re sure to learn something about southern feminism, whether you’re from the North or the South.