Round Table Rebellion is LYR’s monthly podcast where the members and their guests discuss intersectional feminist topics. In episode 10, LYR founder Angela Page is joined by panelists Shelby Elmore, Neece McCoy, and Lena Williams talk about body positivity. This episode was recorded live in Fort Myers, FL.

What does body positivity mean to you? That’s the question posed to this month’s RTR panel. Each panelist presents their own unique interpretation of the phrase body positive. As you might have guessed, body positivity means something different to every one of them. However, there was some agreement that body positivity in about perception. Of course, they had much more to say about the topic than that.

In addition, the panel addresses some of the issues they see in the body positive movement. From representation to hyper sexuality, the panel unravels some of the problems they see with movement as it is today. Listeners also get a chance hear how the panelist encourage their own body positivity. Get some insight on what helps these fierce women stay strong.

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