Round Table Rebellion is LYR’s monthly podcast where the members and their guests discuss intersectional feminist topics. In episode 11, LYR founder Angela Page invites SPEW host Jesi Cason, local artist Lee Bretschnieder, and activist Willie Earl Sparrow Jr. to discuss the history, current popularity, and dismantling of white supremacy. This episode was recorded live in Fort Myers, FL.

America is a white supremacist nation. When you research the history on which the United States was founded, there is no doubting that its origins were steeped in white supremacy. There’s a myth, though, that after the Civil Rights Era, white supremacy has been toppled. However, the events this month in Charlottesville have opened the eyes of many Americans who thought white nationalism was a thing of the past. Those of us who have been paying attention all along, though, always knew that white supremacy was operating from the shadows of society, and would again rear its nasty head.

In this episode of Round Table Rebellion, Angela, Jesi, Earl, and Lee confront the reality of white supremacy in America: its past, its present, and its destruction. The panel digs into the roots of white nationalism and how it permeates every American system. In addition, each panelist explains how they think the average person can help stop the spread of white supremacy in order to dismantle it. Listen to this poignant podcast!

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