In episode 3, “Final Girl,” LYR founder and RTR host Angela Page invites Carmen Guerrero, Michelle Caraway, and Kyle Anne Duggan to discuss women in horror movies in honor of Halloween. The panel names and analyzes horror movies where women are the victims, heroines, and the villains.

What are the most common roles for women in horror movies? Actually, there is a very common horror movie trope for female characters. Final girl is a horror movie trope in which the last person left alive is a woman. In horror movies, sometimes the final victim is a woman, and sometimes the one who gets away or the one who saves the day is a woman. In RTR’s 3rd episode, Angela, Michelle, Kyle, & Carmen discuss the concept of the final girl. They examine films that leave one girl alive to tell the story, and films that leave a girl to be the final victim.

Feminist film critics have long discussed the final girl trope in horror movies, but the Round Table Rebellion panel take the conversation a step further. During the show, the panel discusses the roles of women in horror movies as they list films that depict women as victims, heroines, and villains. From American Psycho to Carrie to Misery to Mama to the Descent, the panelists analyze how women are characterized, and whether there’s empowerment in women’s roles in horror movies.

Round Table Rebellion is LYR’s monthly podcast where the members and their guests discuss intersectional feminism. Listen to the previous RTR episodes! Get to know a little more about 4th wave feminism in episode 1, This is What a Feminist Acts Like. And in episode 2, Schrodinger’s Racist, the panel discusses what it’s like to be a feminist in the American South. Check back each month for more episode of LYR’s Round Table Rebellion!