In episode 4, “All Your Faves Are Problematic,” LYR founder and RTR host Angela Page invited LYR members Neece McCoy, Joi Dupler, and Kalev Quinn to discuss the word problematic, and how it plays into their media consumption. The panel even states their own problematic faves in this revealing episode of RTR!

When did you first hear the word problematic? If you’re like most of the RTR panel, you probably heard it first on the internet. But it actually has roots in the 3rd wave feminist movement when media criticism became a big part of feminist dialogs. Now, the word has been incorporated into everyday analysis of media, but has it lost meaning? Neece, Joi, Kalev, and Angela try to figure that out, and afterward, the panel discusses their problematic faves. They even talk about media they’ve abandoned. Check out this extra long 4th episode recorded just before the end of 2016.

Round Table Rebellion is LYR’s monthly podcast where the members and their guests discuss intersectional feminism. Listen to the previous RTR episodes! Get to know a little more about 4th wave feminism in episode 1, This is What a Feminist Acts Like. And in episode 2, Schrodinger’s Racist, the panel discusses what it’s like to be a feminist in the American South. Check back each month for more episode of LYR’s Round Table Rebellion!