In episode 5, “The First 7 Days of Resistance,” LYR founder and RTR host Angela Page invited Jesi Cason, Lee Bretschneider, and Kalev Quinn to discuss the worst and most hopeful aspects of the first week of the 45th U.S. presidential administration. The panel also gives their best advice on how to continue the resistance.

If you’re like this episode’s panel, you probably didn’t think there would be much hope during the first week of Trump’s presidency. Of course, the first week was a chaotic mess sponsored by Breitbart, and the RTR panel made no mistake pointing out what they hated the most about the first 7 days. However, they also talked about the acts of resistance that made them all feel hopeful about the mounting resistance against the current administration. Each panelist also advocates for what they think will contribute to the resistance that is no doubt going to last a long, long time.

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