Round Table Rebellion is LYR’s monthly podcast where the members and their guests discuss intersectional feminism. In episode 6, “Being Black in the 45th Era,” LYR member Neece McCoy guest hosts in honor of black history month. Neece invited body positive advocate Wilena Williams, veteran Jonathan Williams, and local entrepreneur at Gulf Coast LeisureBrian Franklin Jr. to discuss being black during the 45th presidential administration. This episode was recorded live by engineer Pete Flower at the Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center in Fort Myers, FL.

Being black in America has never been simple or easy. That’s why episode 6, “Being Black in the 45th Era” isn’t simple or easy, either. The panel tackles topics that are near to their hearts, like police violence, mental health stigma, and continuing the struggle against racist oppression. While the panel does deal with difficult topics, they also talk about making the most of life within the struggle. Tune in to find out how optimism, art, activism, fiscal responsibility, self-care, and a little laughter are part of being black in the 45th era.

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