Round Table Rebellion is LYR’s monthly podcast where the members and their guests discuss intersectional feminist topics. In episode 9, LYR founder Angela is joined by Michelle, Leila, and Ndola for an insightful conversation about being multiracial, and living in multicultural families and communities. This episode was recorded live in Fort Myers, FL by engineer Pete Flower, produced by Angela Page.

The United States is home to people from many different cultures. So, it’s no surprise that the episode 9 panel members all came from extremely diverse backgrounds. LYR host Angela is a first generation Italian American whose parents immigrated from Sicily just after WWII; Michelle is a Japanese American immigrant who grew up in Japan, but moved to America with her Japanese mother and American father; Leila is a first generation Syrian American who is of Palestinian decent on her father’s side, and American on her mother’s side; and Ndola is an American who grew up in Kenya, Africa, as well many other places, and refers to herself as a “third culture kid.”

Together, the panel focuses on many different aspects of being a part of more than one culture. Gain insight on how being multicultural or multiracial impacts a person’s identity, and how stereotypes can play a big role in forming an identity. This genuine exchange between women from incredibly different families and formative years reveals just how much immigrant children have in common, and just how different their experiences can be. Listen now to hear their stories.

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