Here at LYR, we have so many crushes on local women who’ve made their mark on the SWFL community. That’s why members Neece McCoy and Kyle Anne Duggan started Woman Crush Wednesdays! Each month, Kyle and Neece will interview a different woman who inspires us to be strong, fierce, and fearless. Viewers can get to know Kyle and Neece, and find out about all the most bad ass babes who work, live, and play in SWFL. In episode 3, Kyle interviews Danielle Branchaud, one of the most celebrated artists in SWFL.

Artist Danielle Branchaud came on the SWFL art scene about 8 years ago, and she’s been killing it ever since! Her art has hung in nearly every reputable space in SWFL, including the Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center, Howl Gallery, and Alliance for the Arts, which makes her perfect for Woman Crush Wednesdays. Her work has also been published in Love Your Rebellion, Issue 7, which can be bought in print or in digital download. Danielle often paints mind-bending self-portraits. However, she also paints a variety of commissioned and personal works comprised of various subjects. Her commitment and dedication to her work is unyielding, and it shows in the depth, complexity, and technical proficiently present in each piece.

In her interview with Kyle Anne, Danielle talks about her personal origins and her experiences as a female artist. Get to know Danielle’s process and inspiration, and see her paint live during the interview. Plus, get up close and personal with some of Danielle’s most powerful and detailed works. If you’ve ever wanted to know the inner workings of one of SWFL’s most visionary local artists, you don’t want to miss this episode of LYR’s Woman Crush Wednesdays!

Tune in for the next installment of WCW, when Kyle Anne and Neece spend some time with a of couple leading women in SWFL politics!

Video production by Breshnyda.