The internet has been a flurry of rainbows and gay pride since the Supreme Court has ruled that marriage inequality is unconstitutional, leveling the rights of all American citizens (at least in regards to marriage). Between rainbow filtered profile pictures, photo streams of pride parades, and congratulatory nods to the LGBTQ community, there has been an equal amount of boo hooing from the far right. Of course this isn’t unexpected, but what has baffled me is the comparison between all this beautiful gay pride and the occasional holler of straight pride, even by those who generally claim to support gay rights.

I’m shocked that this has to even be addressed. Actually, I’m not that shocked. I don’t have that much faith in the dark, archaic corners of society.


Claims that heterosexual folks have just as much right to promote straight pride as gay people doesn’t have a leg to stand on. If anything, this is a cry for attention from those who can’t stand the fact that at least for right now, their identity is irrelevant. Gay pride doesn’t stem from the idea that a gay person is just generally proud that they are attracted to the same sex; it’s about overcoming an era of discrimination since the dawn of societal norms.

There’s no need for straight pride. A straight person has never been harassed, bullied and abused to the point of suicide for their sexual preference. A straight person has never been fired, or denied employment because of their sexual preference. A straight person has never been denied a marriage license because the person they love is of the same sex. A straight person has never been denied the right to sit by their loved one of 60 years while they passed away, because they weren’t married…because they weren’t ALLOWED to marry.

In the midst of a major event for the LGBTQ community, they are absolutely entitled to celebrate however they see fit. Realistically, they’re always allowed to celebrate their identity, and it’s okay to be totally content being heterosexual. But breaking the feed of gay pride to obnoxiously remind those around you that you’re privileged is not and will never be okay. Really, straight people should be okay with that. As a woman who is involved in a heterosexual marriage, I sure am.

The reason there aren’t documentaries, books, or museums paying homage to straight, white, men is because our entire history as a species has been one giant straight, white, male pride parade. The gay community has absolutely no agenda (I swear) to start persecuting and throwing rocks at straight people. They just want and deserve equality, and by trying to take a slice of their pride cake, you look like an asshole. It doesn’t matter if you supported marriage equality or not.


Every time you see a facebook post about gay pride, it is paying tribute to not only the lifetime of prejudice and fear that particular LGBTQ person most likely faced, but it’s also honoring every life that was taken (by oneself or others) for being gay. It’s a universal nod of acknowledgement to the long history of discrimination against an entire population.
Should you feel bad for being straight? Absolutely not. You shouldn’t feel bad for being anything that you are. The gay community and their supporters won’t shame anyone for being what they are, because they know how shitty that feels. You can continue to enjoy all the benefits that have always come with being straight, and you can even secretly call it pride, if that’s what helps you sleep at night, but don’t use a moment of liberty for the LGBTQ community as a pedestal to cry victim. The starting point for all Americans is slowly becoming leveled, which some in the opposition might slowly begin to understand when straight people aren’t thrown in prisons in a few years by the gay army. Underdogs, my ass.