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love your rebellion zine

Preorder LYR Issue 17: Riot

May 10, 2022

Love Your Rebellion, Issue 17: Riot contains four new therapeutic arts activities and new selections of art and writing. Preorder before June 10th and receive a custom Love Your Rebellion pen with your zine. 

The activities in LYR Issue 17: Riot explores abundance, even in the scarcest of environments. Plus, the issue features a comic by Mihaela Erceg, photography by Bailey Graham, poetry by Charles McCaskill, and visual art by H. Lee Messina.

love your rebellion zine homecoming

Order LYR Issue 16: Homecoming

Nov. 16, 2021

Love Your Rebellion Issue 16, Homecoming contains four new therapeutics arts activities and new selections of art and writing.

The LYR Zine is a biannual publication that features art and writing by people from marginalized groups and therapeutic arts activities. Each activity asks the reader to use writing, art, music, or body movement to support their mental health. The activities in LYR Issue 16: Homecoming focus on the body as a place of refuge. Plus, the issue features photography by Reina Bell and Karen Boissonneault-Gauthier, and poetry by Jessica Bansbach and Laurinda Lind.

Issue 16: Homecoming asks what if your body was a place of refuge? Activities designed for this issue focus on seeing and feeling your body as a home.

love your rebellion zine archive

LYR's Zine Archive is live!

11am | May 11, 2021

LYR's Zine Archive is now live on our website! Enjoy a digital library of art and writing booklets. Access this unique collection for free! 

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