About Love Your Rebellion

Love Your Rebellion

Love Your Rebellion’s mission is to produce socially conscious products, events, and media. Learn more below about how LYR stays committed to this mission.


Love Your Rebellion events bring artistic diversity to the community. LYR events celebrate art, music, literature, charitable causes, and small businesses. With the help of LYR members and volunteers, these events will help develop SWFL into an inclusive, cutting-edge area.


LYR’s intersectional feminist activism includes providing community services. Our goal is to supply local organizations that promote diversity, education, and rehabilitation with goods and services. This is accomplished through donation drives, promotion of small, independent businesses, providing low-cost entertainment, and offering arts education.


LYR media showcases progressive views and topics. Through art, videography, writing, and publishing, LYR media gives voice to marginalized populations and experiences, and educates audiences in the arts, government, business, humanities, and the social sciences.

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