About Love Your Rebellion

In late 2010, Love Your Rebellion was just a phrase written in one of Angela Page’s many notebooks. It became the perfect three words to revive one of her most loved forms of expression: the riot grrl zine. Inspired by the 90s DIY feminist punk scene, Page published four issues of Love Your Rebellion by 2014 digitally and in print, featuring feminist works from writers and artists from all over the world. Instead of publishing her own work, Page used the zine as a platform to promote the work of other marginalized people.

In 2015, Page started an all women’s writing group in her town, Fort Myers, FL. From this collective emerged a small group of women who were interested in working with Page on publishing the next issue of Love Your Rebellion. Since there was a small team involved, Page suggested a release party to mark the completion of Issue #5. After the success of the Issue #5 release party (which included a female-fronted musical lineup and an all-female group art show), Page wanted to grow Love Your Rebellion into more than just a zine.

With the help of a growing team of young women, Love Your Rebellion began to host small events throughout SWFL that had empowerment in mind. Finding the right ways to empower the communities that need the most support had its challenges at first, but the organization found its footing in early 2016 with the First Annual LYR’s Babefest, a diversity-first music festival. Over the following two years, LYR Babefest grew into a regionally recognized event. In late 2017, Rock for Equality, another charity-based music event, was developed with LYR as a partner.

In early 2018, with the help of LYR's Vice Chairperson Michelle Caraway, Page filed Love Your Rebellion, Inc. as a 501(c)3 with the mission of empowering marginalized groups through the arts. This new tax status and incorporation allows LYR to focus on their mission with even greater support and purpose. Fundraising efforts supporting LYR’s music, art, and writing programs will serve Florida's marginalized artists, writers, and musicians. It’s through these cultural events that Love Your Rebellion works to leave a lasting impact on our community.