Here at LYR, we have so many crushes on local women who’ve made their mark on the SWFL community. That’s why members Neece McCoy and Kyle Anne Duggan started “Woman Crush Wednesdays!” Each month, Kyle and Neece will interview a different woman who inspires us to be strong, fierce, and fearless. Viewers can get to know Kyle and Neece, and find out about all the most bad ass babes who work, live, and play in SWFL. In episode 2, Kyle and Neece interview Jovana Batkovic, one of the owners of Nice Guys Pizza, the renowned craft pizza bar in Cape Coral, Florida.

Nice Guys Pizza is a local favorite! Ever since Nice Guys came on the scene, SWFL hasn’t been the same. They’ve provided a great local venue for original punk, hardcore, hip hop, and electronic shows. In fact, Nice Guys hosted LYR’s Babefest this year in May. Half craft pizza bar, half local DIY venue, Nice Guys Pizza has bought authentic food and music to SWFL, and the locals couldn’t be more grateful!

While filming Woman Crush Wednesdays, Episode 2, Kyle and Neece had a blast with Jovana! They get to know each other by discussing Jovana’s background, and how she and her partner Greg ended up in SWFL. They talk Nice Guys Pizza’s orgins, and how new items are added to the menu. As a special treat, Jovana invited Kyle and Neece into the Nice Guys kitchen, and Jovana made the babes Nice Guys’ famous Black Gold Pizza.

Kyle and Neece would like to thank Jovana and Nice Guys Pizza for their contribution to this month’s Woman Crush Wednesdays!

Tune in next month when Kyle and Neece interview local visionary artist, Danielle Branchaud.

Video production by Breshnyda.