Snail Mail Zine Fest Sign Up

Sign up to have your zine distributed at Fort Myers Zine Fest 2021 on Friday, April 23rd! Please read the complete guidelines before signing up for zine distribution.

MAIL TO: Love Your Rebellion, 481 Marsh Ave. Ft. Myers, FL 33905

Snail Mail Zine Sales Guidelines

1. Love Your Rebellion retains 15% of zine sales. Zine maker retains 85% of zine sales.

2. Zine must arrive at LYR's Zine Library no later than April 20, 2021. Zines that do not arrive on time may not be available during Zine Fest. Zine maker is responsilble for shipping cost.

3. Zine maker will be paid out via Paypal withint 7 days of Zine Fest.

4. Zine maker may choose to have any unsold zines mailed back at LYR's cost; or unsold zines can stay at LYR's Zine Library for sale. The same distribution sales percentages apply. Pay outs will be handled on a monthly basis.

5. Zine maker determines how much their zines are sold for.

6. Zines must arrive price marked.

7. Love Your Rebellion is not liable for anything that is lost, stolen, or damaged.

Have a question? Email us at

Snail Mail Zine Vending Sign Up

  • Your sales payment will be paid out via Paypal.
  • Phone number format: (###) ###-####
  • Please list the name, amounts being mailed, and price of each zine in the columns below. Example: LYR Zine, 5 copies, $5 each
    Zine NameAmountPrice 
  • Zines that are kept in the shop after zine fest are subject to the same agreement. 15% admin fee, 85% to zine maker; paid out via Paypal.
  • What will you be selling?