LYR Photo Gallery

Love Your Rebellion started off as the heart song of one grrl, Angela Page. Now, Angela has amassed a team of volunteer members that make up the LYR staff. Biannually, LYR releases a literary zine that features art, poetry, memoir, and fiction submissions from marginalized peoples. Angela began making the LYR zine in 2011. At that time, she was working alone, and released issues 1 – 4 between 2011 and 2014.

In the Fall of 2014, Angela Page and Michelle Caraway started a writing group that gave way to the first interation of the LYR staff. In the Spring of 2015, LYR released Issue #5. This release saw LYR go from a small, one-woman-show to a creative collaboration that resonated with folks in the SWFL area. It was clear then that the LYR staff would need to celebrate each issue’s release with a party and staff photo shoot.

The LYR photo gallery presents readers and followers with photos from the previous collaborative zine releases. Each photo shoot is themed in conjunction with the event. For Issue #5, the LYR staff wanted to pay respect to their grrl gang roots. Then, the staff got witchy for the release of Issue #6, which came out on Halloween 2015. To commemorate Babefest 2016 and LYR #7, the LYR staff took on the roles of their favorite female musicians. In Fall 2016, embarked on their most ambitious project yet! Photographer Jesi Cason and artist Michelle Caraway rendered a portion of the LYR staff as art nouveau portraits. These gorgeous pieces hung in Space 39 Art Bar & Lounge as featured works in their body positive showcase during November 2016.

Each photo series shows the many sides and graces of the staff. These promotional photos serve as a celebration of not only the splendor of the women therein, but also the power, strength, and support it takes to bring artistic vision to life.

Also included are photos of release parties from Spring 2015 – Fall 2016. Check back for an updated gallery after each LYR event!