A five-week digital poetry workshop lead by LYR Founder Angela Page

learn, write, workshop!

Art and learning can be a welcome distraction or a method of healing in times of grief, distress, and strife. Connecting with others through art can also help ease us through this uncertain and sometimes lonely period. Love Your Rebellion created Poetry for the People to help folks refine their poetry skills and connect with other poets via a digital workshop. Each 60 minute course hosted via Zoom will teach a poetic technique, provide exercises to develop that technique, and provide a workshop for one poet per class meeting. 

Devices, Part 1:
Devices, Part 2:
Simile & Metaphor
Devices, Part 3:
Slant Rhyme
Line Breaks

About the Instructor

Angela Page is the founder of Love Your Rebellion. She holds a BA in Creative Writing from the University of Central Florida and an MFA in Poetry and Critical Writing from Goddard College. Angela is the editor of the LYR zine, and has published several works of poetry in literary journals and magazines. In 2019, she published a full length poetry collection titled “Speaking with My Second Mouth.”

Watch Instructional and Exercise Portions of Each Workshop Below!

Week 1: Imagery

Week 2: Simile and Metaphor

Week 3: Juxtaposition

Week 5: Line Breaks