Love Your Rebellion needs you!

We are currently seeking local and remote interns in the areas listed below. Please fill out the contact form on this page and tell us what position you are interested in, a little bit about yourself, and whether you have any experience in these positions.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Writers – Produce written content for Loveyourrebellion.org.

Visual Artists – Produce visual content for Loveyourrebellion.org. Including feature images for articles, photos for the shop, and any additional visual content.

Editors – Proofreader the written content for grammatical, syntactical, and punctuation errors. Also check written work for consistency with LYR goals.

Developers – Perform backend maintenance on Loveyourrebellion.org. Knowledge of CSS, HTML, WordPress, and WordPress plugins required.

Shop Manager – Track sales, stock, and shipping. Fulfill requirements of posting new items to shop. Knowledge of Woocomerce required.

Analytics Tracker – Track site traffic, document trends, develop SEO, and monitor user base.

Podcast Participants – Act as featured or consistent contributor to the LYR podcasts. Must be versed in feminism and be a feminist.

Designers – Update the site’s visual appearance. Knowledge of WordPress themes required.


Online Presence – Manage social media accounts: Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Street Team – Distribute flyers at local events.

Donation Affiliates – Network with local nonprofits to help provide them with donations. Network with local businesses to acquire raffle donations for LYR events.

Recruitment – Acquire new volunteer talent for all open positions.

Promotional Designer – Create promotional materials from concept to production.

Representative – Network with local businesses, press, affiliates, and event coordinators.

Product Development

Concept Designer – Create custom designs for LYR merchandise.

Craftspeople – Makers of handmade merchandise. Design and assemble packaging for homemade items.

Manufacturing Representative – Communicate, organize, and plan handmade and outsourced merchandise manufacturing. May be responsible for purchasing materials using LYR budget.

Cost Analyst ¬– Track LYR merchandise budget. Gather information about merchandise manufacturing costs.

Event Planning

Location Scout – Seek out locations for LYR events. Solidify event planning specifics with event and/or location managers.

Conceptual Designer – Participate in the conceptual planning for LYR events. Help set up and break down decorations at LYR events.

Event Manager – Coordinate with event staff to oversee event planning and operations.

Talent Booking – Acquire talent for LYR events.

Sales Manager – Oversee merchandise sales at LYR events.

Vendor Management – Acquire vendors for LYR events.

Magazine Production

Submissions Editor – Distribute call for submissions for biannual LYR lit mag. Sort incoming submissions to genre editors.

Genre Editors – Read and view slush fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and visual art submissions for publication in the biannual LYR lit mag.

Production Designer – Conceptualize and create the production document for the LYR lit mag. Knowledge of InDesign a plus.

Cover Artist – Design LYR lit mag covers, including image and typeset.

Business Planning

Accountant – Track IRS info, indicate financial projections, and bookkeeping.

Funding Researcher – Investigate state, federal, and private funding options and opportunities for an LLC comprised of our demographics, goals, and interests.

Recorders Keeper – Organize and manage the LYR account and event files.

Document Writer – Help draft business documents, grants, and write-ups.

Support – Manage the support email inbox.

Marketing – Help sculpt the overall image, style, goals, themes, and promotional materials for LYR.