Love Your Rebellion, Issue #14: Technical Difficulties


Love Your Rebellion, Issue 14: Technical Difficulties features art and writing by people from marginalized groups. Plus, the issue provides therapeutic arts activities developed with Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Rebecca Martinez-Thomas.

Staying true to the theme, each therapeutic arts activity brings the world of computers and technology to the page. Technical Difficulties uses the all-too-familiar world of social media profiles, websites, and computers that has marked 2020 as the backdrop for the arts activities. Issue 14 also features art by Maddie Kay Forrest, Jordan Penland, and Danielle Branchaud, and writing by Christine Sloan Stoddard and Marley Vincent. 

The issue’s theme is retro-futuristic. For the cover, LYR enlisted Ecuadorian artist Cesar Aguilera to create a classic tech sculpture. Women and non-binary people were photographed by Jesi Cason Photography, and the LYR design team made it seem like the models are trapped inside the sculpture’s screens. Models featured on the cover are artist Tylia Janei Battle, founder of Streets Alive Diana Giraldo, essential worker Wilena Williams, actress Sonya McCarter, and the LYR zine staff, Angela Page, Michelle Caraway, Annie Pritchard, and Rebecca Martinez-Thomas.

The Fall 2020 issue also marks the beginning of a partnership between LYR and Abuse and Counseling Treatment, Inc. LYR will donate 500 copies of the literary and therapeutic arts zine annually to ACT for use with their clients. This was made possible in part by a grant to LYR from the City of Fort Myers.

Pick up your pre-order locally at LYR’s Zine Library at 481 Marsh Ave. Fort Myers, FL 33905! Just select “Local Pick Up” at checkout.

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Love Your Rebellion Issue 14 is an 11" x 17" spread, full color, 16 pages in length. It contains 4 therapeutic arts activities and 5 pieces of writing or art. Use of a mobile phone to access QR codes is recommended.