Pre-order – Love Your Rebellion, Issue 16: Homecoming


Love Your Rebellion, Issue 16: Homecoming is available for pre-order from November 16, 2021 to December 8, 2021. The pre-order includes the compilation Gritty but Pretty, a 7” vinyl record featuring international punk and hardcore bands with queer, women, and POC members.

Pick up your order locally at LYR’s Zine Library at 481 Marsh Ave. Fort Myers, FL 33905! Just select “Local Pick Up” at checkout.

Issue 16 will begin delivery in December 2021. Gritty but Pretty will begin delivery in April 2022. Pre-order includes a compilation digital download code.

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The LYR Zine is a biannual publication that features art and writing by people from marginalized groups and therapeutic arts activities. Each activity asks the reader to use writing, art, music, or body movement to support their mental health. The activities in LYR Issue 16: Homecoming focus on the body as a place of refuge. Plus, the issue features photography by Reina Bell and Karen Boissonneault-Gauthier, and poetry by Jessica Bansbach and Laurinda Lind.

Issue 16: Homecoming asks what if your body was a place of refuge? Activities designed for this issue focus on seeing and feeling your body as a home.

Issue 16 Activities:
The Complex - Identify and explore social expectations and stereotypes based on things like race and ethnicity, class, gender, ability, body size, and sexual orientation.
The Blueprint - Map out your internal world and identify what works and what needs renovation.
The Deed - Commit to your self-care and create a collage to meditate on your commitment.
The Afterparty - Listen to a body movement meditation and then create a playlist that puts you in motion.

Pre-order for LYR Issue 16: Homecoming includes a copy of Gritty but Pretty. This 7” inch compilation record was a collaborative project between Love Your Rebellion and Roach and Roll Records. The record includes singles by four bands from Europe, including Nekra (UK), Pink Suits (UK), Mary Bell (France), and Lavander Witch (Belgium), and underground punk sensation, Tiger Sex (USA). The cover features original art by hand-cut collage artist, Ashley Jensen. 

LYR Issue 16 benefits the clients of Abuse and Counseling Treatment, Inc. LYR will donate 500 copies of the literary and therapeutic arts zine annually to ACT for use with their clients, who are victims of sexual assault, domestic abuse, and human trafficking. This was made possible in part by a grant to LYR from the City of Fort Myers.

This release celebrates 10 years of LYR zines, or DIY publications. Founder and Chair of the Board of Directors, Angela Page, has been making zines since 2011 under the name Love Your Rebellion. In fact, the zine is where Page derived the nonprofit’s name. As the organization’s namesake, the zine is the longest-running program, beginning as a literary publication, and growing to include therapeutic arts activities. The current LYR zine staff includes licensed marriage and family therapist, Rebeecca Martinez-Thomas, graphic artists Michelle Caraway and Annie Pritchard, content developer Angela Page, photographer Jesi Cason, sound engineers Spencer Elles and Gregory Martinez-Thomas, and copy editor Shandi Thompson.