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Love Your Rebellion Zine & Online Submission Guidelines

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Fiction, Nonfiction, Art, Articles, Interviews, & Videos
Beginning 2017, LYR will accept zine & online submissions year round

Please follow the submission guidelines below. You will hear from us ASAP. Please let us know if your work is published elsewhere in the meantime so we can remove it from the queue.

Love Your Rebellion Zine Submission Guidelines

The Love Your Rebellion zine is seeks poetry, fiction, and non-fiction that deals with the following topics: sexism, racism, homophobia, heteronormativity, lgbtqa, rape culture, body positivity, agism, and ableism.

Please read the Love Your Rebellion zine submission guidelines completely before submitting your work for consideration.

You May Submit
For Print (Zine) Publication:

    • Poetry – 3 pages
    • Short Story – 1000 words, max
    • Flash Fiction – 250 words, max
    • Memoir – 1000 words, max
    • Comics – No more than 4 frames
    • Photography – 3 photos, max, B&W only
    • Visual Art – 8.5 x 11 inches

For All Submissions:

      • Include name, e-mail address, title of piece, genre selection, attachment, and 25-word maximum third-person bio on the Submit page.
      • Text Formatting: Times New Roman, 12-point font, standard one-inch margins.
      • Title: Place on page that text begins. No page numbers and no name anywhere on the text.

Writing Submissions

      • Attach .doc or .docx only
      • Prose: 1.5 space.
      • Poetry: single space.

Art Submissions

      • The attached image must be a minimum of 300 dpi. Scan image if needed, but please, 300dpi minimum.
      • All art must be submitted in .JPEG extension only.
      • All art must be submitted in black and white only.

Love Your Rebellion Web Submission Guidelines

LYR is always looking for intersectional feminist writing, infographics, comics, series, podcasts, & videos! Submissions for online publication are read on a rolling basis, so feel free to send us something anytime.

As a an LYR online contributor, you don’t have to commit to writing any amount of pieces for the site. You can choose to write many and submit them, or write a one-time piece. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us here. Before doing so, please take a few minutes to read the LYR online contributor guidelines.

Thanks for your interest, and we look forward to receiving your work!

For Online Publication:

  • Interviews – 800 words, max
  • Opt Eds – 800 words, max
  • Book, Film, & Music Reviews – 800 words, max
  • Feature Articles – 800 words, max
  • Videos – 10 minutes, max
  • Podcasts – 60 minutes, max

Online Submission Guidelines

  • Must fit within one of the LYR categories
  • Send link to podcast audio in body of submission.
  • Videos can be interviews, vlogs, animation, or web series
  • A high-resolution feature image may be included; size: 1500px x 1100px
  • Mention your image when you submit; we’ll tell you via email how to send it if your work is being considered
  • You can consult with us about a writing idea via the Contact form
  • Please use the Contact form if you have any additional questions
  • Feminist criticism/theory must site sources if sources are used
  • Sources must be sited with hyperlinks
  • We are not offering any compensation for writing at this time

**You may submit to more than one genre.
**Only one submission per genre, please.
**Please submit in each gene separately.
**Not every genre will be featured in every issue, but we will be sure to let you know if your work has been chosen for a later issue.
**Simultaneous submissions are accepted, but please let us know if you have been accepted elsewhere.
**At this time we are not offering financial compensation, but published authors will receive 1 free digital copy of the zine and discounts on all LYR purchases.
**We encourage submissions from all over the world, but text must be written in English.
**Anything received after the submission deadline will not be considered for publication.
**To be considered for publication, your work must follow the Love Your Rebellion zine submission guidelines.

Submit all works to using the form below.