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Love Your Rebellion is accepting art and writing submissions with the theme "Riot" for Issue #17 from Feb. 2nd – April 2nd, 2022.

A laugh riot is joyful. A riot of colors is exuberant. What if you could have a love riot? Or a riot of self-acceptance? Love Your Rebellion, Issue 17: Riot is an exercise in embracing the varied opulence of your bold, flourishing inner and outer worlds. From Feb. 1st to April 1st, LYR is accepting art and writing that explores riotous abundance, even in the scarcest of backdrops. Submissions by people from marginalized groups are encouraged. Read the guidelines and submit below.


Beginning in 2020, LYR will donate 500 copies of the LYR Zine annually to Abuse Counseling and Treatment for use with their clients. ACT provides services to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking. LYR is proud to support their work by supplying therapeutic arts activities!

rebecca martinez thomas

Meet LYR's LMFT consultant,
Rebecca Martinez-Thomas

Rebecca is the owner of Alchemy Arts Therapy in San Francisco, CA. She is a trauma-informated, cultrually humble, creative arts therapist with a background in Drama Therapy.

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Submission Guidelines —

The Love Your Rebellion zine seeks poetry, fiction, and non-fiction from diverse authors and artists. The LYR zine helps fulfill our nonprofit mission to empower marginalized groups through the arts. All submissions must fit the theme Metamorph.

Please read the Love Your Rebellion zine submission guidelines completely before submitting your work for consideration.

Accepted Submission Types
  • Poetry – 1 page per piece, max
  • Fiction – 500 words, max
  • Flash Fiction – 500 words, max
  • Memoir – 500 words, max
  • Comics – No more than 4 frames
  • Photography – 2 photos, max
  • Visual Art – 2 pieces, max
Specifications for Writing Submissions
  • Attach .doc or .docx only
  • Prose: 1.5 space.
  • Poetry: single space.
  • Title: Place on page where the text begins.
  • Text Format: Times New Roman, 12-point font, standard one-inch margins.
  • No page numbers and name anywhere on the page (submit this info on the form).
Specifications for Art Submissions
  • Attach .jpeg only
  • 300 DPI minimum
  • 1mb minimum; 3 mb maximum

Ad Spots —

Purchase an ad in the next Love Your Rebellion zine! Businesses interested in supporting our mission to empower marginalized groups through the arts are invited to take out a 1/4 page, 1/2 page, or full page ad in the LYR zine. Zines are printed biannually at 500 copies each (1k total copies annually). Ad spots are paid for per issue.

The LYR zine is sold in several Florida magazine markets, including Orlando, Fort Myers, and the Tampa / St. Pete area. Plus, LYR is available in Phoenix at Wasted Ink Distro and Kansas City at Neither/Nor Distro. Each zine is a full color, high quality 11×17 spread, featuring art, writing, and activities. Ad sales go toward funding the printing, production, and distribution of the LYR zine.


  • 1/4 page – 4.25″w x 5.5″t – $50
  • 1/2 page – 8.5″w x 5.5″t – $75
  • Full page – 8.5″w x 11″t – $125

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