The Adventures of a Feminist Mermaid

by Muchacha Zine

Library Location: A17

26 pages in length, this eclectic issue covers part 1 of the adventures of a feminist mermaid, Mexico's "drug war," and a "Fierce Feminist" fighter for education. Other topics range from the "Sandwich Fairies" and homeless rights, intersectionality, a book review, film & band recommendations, original song lyrics, feminist poetry, quotes, punk/feminist styled collages and more!
Review: "A mermaid adorns the cover with an ocean of ideas inside. Like a coral reef, there’s several pages of busy action to fill the eyes with complex collages, essays on current events, quotes, lists of cool bands, inspired lyrics destroying American Idol, historical sketches of activists, and manifestos. There are a few hands in the works, but the guiding force is one person focused on feminism and her family’s roots with Mexico. She started this zine as an endeavor to help represent a new movement called Feminism Is Not Dead (F.I.N.D.), Riot Grrrl being a major influence. This is an ideal publication to absorb during long waits at the DMV, while train-hopping, or during a life of working for real political change."- Robert Eggplant, Slingshot!, Issue #111, Autumn 12' - Less