by Joe Zorrilla

Library Location: B5

Regalos is an artist book by Joe Zorrilla, published in 2014 by Golden Spike Press. Translated from Spanish to English, “regalos” means “gifts.” This staple bound publication is a collection of photos which relate to the concept of gifts and giving. The photographs depict sculptures, happenstance interactions and ephemeral objects. Themes of taking, giving, and wrapping are explored and prodded into, in order to flesh out a nuanced and multifaceted idea of gifts.
Joe Zorilla is an artist who works in photography and sculpture. Zorilla was born in Santa Ana and lives and works in Los Angeles. In 2012, He received his MFA from CalArts in Valencia, California and since then has shown work internationally and produced several publications. Golden Spike Press is an independent publisher in Los Angeles dedicated to thoughtful small edition books, booklets, and multiples, which often center on collaboration between artists, writers, teachers, and critics.