The Case of the San Antonio Four and Other Legal Injustices

by Muchacha Zine

Library Location: A6

This 28 pg issue features the story of the “San Antonio Four,” four Latina Lesbians who were wrongly convicted of the gang rape of two young girls. This 6th edition of Muchacha brings to light the injustices that these women have suffered by the hands of the criminal justice system.
This issue calls into question how lack of evidence, inconsistent testimonials, skewed medical reports, junk science, homophobia and satanic ritual abuse, among other issues, are factors that have led to the imprisonment of four innocent women for 13 years.
This edition also presents work on other legal injustices such as transphobia within the legal system and documentation, rape culture, the feminist porn debate and a detailed account of sex worker Aileen Wournos’ unfair trial.