Transcend Trauma Through Art

by Juana Menses, Various Authors

Library Location: B9

Images and phrases tell stories. All of the entries in this zine publication Transcend Trauma Through Art were made by participants in the FGCU community in response to the exhibition “Rape Culture: Zines & Artists’ Books” curated by Melissa Minds-Vandeburgt, MLISwith Kinsey Brown and Kaley Dietrich, MA. 
Students and members of the community were invited by the FGC art galleries in early February to attend a workshop run and designed by Lorieta Press, an artist run self-publishing operation in Miami, FL. The goal was to give a voice and a platform to the community by providing a space where their thoughts and viewpoints would be recorded. The participants were given tracing paper, scissors, and collage materials to compose images, which established the tone of the zine that was edited and reproduced by Loteria Press. 
As their entries were emailed to me over the course of a month a very personal perspective became visible. As you will see in these pages, an urgent call to action is clearly heard and felt. This effort culminated on March 24th when these students came to Miami and together collaged the cover in a truly collaborative spirit.