Veinte Movimientos

by Fernando Cruz

Library Location: B2

Written entirely in Spanish and illustrated in stark and scratchy black-and-white, Veinte Movimientos lunges towards the reader as a militant manifesto against colonialism, white supremacy, and capitalist exploitation. Citing Palestine rebels and Gaspar Yanga as exemplars of resistance, this glue-bound zine pulls no punches in its evocation of the Global South’s subjugation and the metaphysical castration of the oppressed. The drawings approximate etchings in the fierceness and intensity of their belief; their crudity and roughness corroborate their sincerity and urgency.
“«Veinte movimientos en el tablero de la lucha de clases para una praxis combativa» is a black-and-white zine that mixes several techniques: collage, drawing with pencil, pen, crayons, ink, and typewritten texts. In twenty risograph-printed illustrations, perhaps better described as graphic works, Fernando Cruz tours the speeches of Fanon, Dussel, Marx and even the EZLN (Zapatista Army of National Liberation). An anti-colonial critique and political self-portrait, it stands up against silencing and white supremacy with dignified rage and argues for decolonization, the revival of southern countries, and a reassessment of work and capital. Fernando assembles many strains of thought in a visual discourse that is very relevant for the times in which we live.” — Gold Rain, with edits