Love Your Rebellion, Issue #15: Metamorph


Love Your Rebellion, Issue 15: Metamorph provides therapeutic arts activities developed with Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Rebecca Martinez-Thomas. Plus, the issue features art and writing by people from marginalized groups. Receive a bookmark with a special message from the LYR staff as a gift with purchase.

Love Your Rebellion (LYR) Issue 15: Metamorph blends art, writing, nature, and art therapy. LYR Issue 15 benefits the clients of Abuse and Counseling Treatment, Inc. LYR will donate 500 copies of the literary and therapeutic arts zine annually to ACT for use with their clients, who are victims of sexual assault, domestic abuse, and human trafficking. This was made possible in part by a grant to LYR from the City of Fort Myers.

Pick up your order locally at LYR’s Zine Library at 481 Marsh Ave. Fort Myers, FL 33905! Just select “Local Pick Up” at checkout.

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LYR Issue 15 features art by Danielle Branchaud, Jodie Griffiths, and Ashley Resurreccion, and poetry by Morgan Schiller. The issue also features nature-themed therapeutic arts activities created with licensed marriage and family therapist, Rebecca Martinez-Thomas.

After more than a year indoors, it's time to reconnect with the outside world. The new issue’s theme, “Metamorph,” uses each element to inform art therapy activities that help readers stay connected to themselves during a transition. Beginning with the element air, Aria: Song of Self offers a meditation activity from Martinez-Thomas that offers guidance for creating affirmations and a personal mantra. In the following activity, Gather Your Resources, tap into the power of water to help identify and prioritise values. Then, use Map it Out to make connections between the earth, the past, the present, and the future. The final activity, Flicker and Flame, uses body movement to ignite optimism and passion.

Featured on the Issue 15 cover: brand photographer by Jesi Cason, drag star Sizzy Griddles, artist Ever Neat-Sullivan, writer and artisan Rasheeda Shahid, and hairstylist Sky Shaw. Cover models represent members of groups that LYR serves, including women, people of color, and people from LGBTQIA communities.

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