There’s a Show Tonight


There’s a Show Tonight – A photographic history of the Southwest Florida music scene circa 2017-2019 by Jesi Cason

Dimensions:  10×8. hardcover, full color print, 20 pages

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There’s something vaguely mythical about a small town music scene.

Walk into any hole-in-the-wall, dark venue in the country on a random Saturday night and you might find musicians with skills that rival any act you’d see performing at Austin City Limits or Red Rocks.  There could be someone with a voice so pure and strong it makes you miss a place you’ve never been.  Or someone playing an instrument in a way that makes you wonder “What the hell are they doing in this place?  They should be famous!”  You’ll find people who might be famous one day, folks who had their moment of fame and lived to tell the tales, and people who don’t give a damn about “making it.”  They just came to play to a crowd, whether they’re die-hard fans or totally disinterested.

This book is Jesi Cason’s tribute to the musicians who showed up in Southwest Florida.

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Musicians that perform in small venues have come to expect any photos taken of their shows to be low-quality, grainy, blurry, and not very flattering. Jesi Cason, however, wanted better for her friends who were courageous enough to put themselves and their music out there for Southwest Floridians to experience.

Combining her technical skill, lighting control, and obsession with crisp, clean, vibrant photos, Jesi made musicians playing in dark bars and parking lots look like arena rock gods. This collection of her favorite photographs serves to honor and memorialize the independent artists who dared to create original music and perform it live in a sleepy tourist destination. In the words of Jesi Cason: “Whatever you do, do it better than everyone else.”

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